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Welcome to Fluffy Pet Wash, the mobile dog grooming service in Las Vegas that is specialized in short-haired dogs, double-coated breeds and large breeds.

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Mobile Dog Grooming​

Specialized in large breeds

  • Short-haired dogs: Beagle, Boxer, Bulldog, Doberman, Hound, Pitbull, Weimaraner…
  • Double-coated breeds, large breeds: German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Malinois, Shepherds…
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We are providing the following all inclusive services: Professional Hypoallergenic Wash / Brush Out / Blow Out / Nails trimming & Filing / Ears cleaning / Professional organic conditioner and moisturizer / Mouth Wash if needed / Expressed Glands if needed / Professional DeShedding if needed / Paws trimming if needed / Sanitary trimming if needed / Ears trimming

We do NOT provide full body shave or full body haircut (please look at OUR SERVICES & PET LIST). We also could deny the service if the dog is severely matted or aggressive.


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We strive to be the best mobile dog wash in Las Vegas, Nevada, by providing a healthy and stress-free experience for your beloved pet.

Our state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Mobile Grooming vehicles are outfitted with the latest generation equipment and temperature-controlled environment, ensuring that your dog’s coat will be looking and smelling fantastic.

Our Mobile pet grooming services

We are providing all the following all inclusive services:

• Professional Hypoallergenic Wash / Brush Out / Towel & Blow Out Dryer

• Nails trimming & Filing

• Ears cleaning 

• Professional organic conditioner and moisturizer 

• Mouth Wash 

• Expressed Glands 

• Professional DeShedding 

• Paws cleaning & Trimming if needed

• Sanitary trimming if needed

*We do not provide full body hair cut or shave down (We only service the dog breeds on our website pet list).
If your dog is severely matted, we do not provide shave down and unfortunately cannot service. 

If your dog is aggressive or requires a muzzle, we unfortunately cannot service.

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Hydro bath technology

Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, fresh and clean smell

Sanitary Trimming & Paws Trimming

Shorter trimming in the areas that gets dirty the most

High velocity blow dry & towel dry

Best-in-class to dry thick coats and remove water efficiently

Nails trimming, clipping & filing

Dogs need their nails clipped on a regular basis

Deshedding & dematting

Cleans out the fur for a healthier and happier dog

Brush & fluff

Your dog's favorite! The final touch to make them shine

Committed To Be the best Dog grooming in las vegas

  • Available 7 days a week
  • Expert and loving staff
  • Best-in-class new vans
  • Modern equipment
  • Gentle products
  • Transparent pricing
  • Great for large dogs
  • Short-haired dogs
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“Fantastic Service…”
Had my dog groomed today and he now looks and smells amazing! Fantastic service, will be using them regularly now. Couldn’t fault, good time keeping, great communication, friendly and great value. Thank you 🙂
Joseph Gardner, June 5, 2022
“They make him look gorgeous”
Great service as always. Our pup can be a handful but they handle him really gently and make him look gorgeous.
Kimberly Hopkins, July, 2022
He looks & smells terrific!
Wonderful friendly staff, and a stress-free wash & cut for my dog. He looks & smells terrific!
Chris Donald, July, 2022

Your go-to destination for mobile dog grooming in Las Vegas!

At Fluffy Pet Wash, we know that your dogs are more than just pets – they’re a part of the family. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide the best possible care for your furry friends. 

Our team of experienced and dedicated groomers will come to your home, office, or any location of your choosing to provide your dog with a thorough and stress-free grooming experience. No more dragging your pooch to the groomer, waiting for hours, or worrying about them being cooped up in a cage all day. With Fluffy Pet Wash, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is receiving the best care possible in the comfort of their own environment.

Our mobile grooming services in Las Vegas include everything your dog needs to look and feel their best, including a full-service bath, a sanitary trimming, deshedding & dematting and more. We use only the highest quality shampoos, conditioners, and tools to ensure that your dog’s coat is left clean, soft, and shiny.

Included in our grooming services, we offer a variety of services to pamper your pooch even further. Options include teeth brushing, nail trimmings, ear cleaning and more. We use the best tools and the most gentle techniques to perform those sensitive tasks, so your dog never feels stressed while being groomed by us.

But our commitment to your dog’s well-being doesn’t stop at grooming. We also prioritize their safety and comfort throughout the entire process. Our groomers are trained in handling and caring for large dogs of different breeds, and we use only the safest and most gentle techniques to ensure a stress-free experience for your fluffy friend.

So why choose Fluffy Pet Wash for your mobile dog grooming needs in Las Vegas? 

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Convenience: We come to you, so you don’t have to worry about driving to the groomer or leaving your dog in a cage all day.
  • Quality: Our team of experienced and dedicated groomers uses only the highest quality products and techniques to ensure that your dog looks and feels their best.
  • Safety: We prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort at all times, using only the safest and most gentle techniques.
  • Flexibility: We offer a variety of grooming services and add-on treatments to customize the perfect pampering experience for your pooch.
  • Reliability: Our team is punctual and reliable, so you can trust that we will be there when we say we will.

So why wait? Give your fluffy friend the royal treatment they deserve and book your mobile dog grooming appointment with Fluffy Pet Wash today!


For your convenience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

Mobile pet grooming is a professional pet wash service that brings the groomer to your pet, rather than having to take your pet to the groomer.
The mobile pet grooming comes in a large special van that are fully equipped to provide the same service as a pet salon or dog SPA.
The pet grooming vans have their own fresh water tank, hot water, A/C and ventilation system, as well as the best dryers and tool to provide a top-notch service.

This is especially helpful for busy active individuals who can have their dog groomed in front of their home or office.
Mobile pet grooming is also widely used by people who have a hard time getting their pet to the groomer, or for those who live in areas where there are no groomers available.

Fluffy Pet Wash is a mobile pet grooming service that offers this convenient and affordable service to our customers.
We come to your home and provide everything your pet needs, from a basic bath and brush-out to more extensive haircutting and styling services.
We use only high-quality, all-natural products that are safe for pets of all ages and breeds.
Contact us today to learn more about our mobile dog grooming and washing services.

Many people choose mobile pet grooming because it is more convenient than taking their pet to a groomer’s salon. Let’s see in details all the Pros of Mobile Pet Grooming:
More convenient: get your pet groomed near you from the comfort of your own home or workplace. It takes a few seconds to book the service from your phone, tablet or computer.
Save you time: focus on your work or enjoy other activities while we groom your dog at your exact chosen location. No need to drive or schedule a trip to the groomer when he has availability for you.
More flexible appointments: Day time, evening, and weekend appointments are available. Mobile Pet Grooming work with your schedule. No more rearranging your whole day around dropping off and picking up your pet.
Save you money: pet salons and SPA’s charge you top dollar for the same or lesser service. Mobile pet grooming also tends to be less expensive than traditional grooming services. You also save money on gas, and can use the driving and waiting time to stay productive on your daily goals.
Better for your dog: pet salons and SPA’s can be crowded with other customers dogs where the noise and smell can keep your pet excited and distracted. This can be a stressful environment for your pet, at a moment when he needs to be calm, relaxed and confident.
Quick and gentle service: since we groom one pet at a time, your pet is groomed from start to finish at the time of your appointment, usually in one hour or less!
Less stress for you and your dog: your dog stays near a familiar environment and is given the groomer’s full care and attention. This quiet and gentle setting reduces stress for your pet. It is also recommended for pets with separation anxieties to know that you are still close to them.

There are a few reasons that Fluffy Mobile Grooming Vans are the best in class:
They are brand new and use the latest generation and safest equipment for grooming dogs.
The are equipped with silent inverters and batteries for electricity and a large fresh water tank with professional water pump and water heater.
They have a temperature-controlled environment with air conditioning or heater to keep the grooming room at the perfect temperature.
They are state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz mobile grooming vans, that have been custom-made for our special needs.

There are a few reasons that Fluffy Mobile Grooming Vans are the best in class:
They are brand new and use the latest generation and safest equipment for grooming dogs.
The are equipped with silent inverters and batteries for electricity and a large fresh water tank with professional water pump and water heater.
They have a temperature-controlled environment with air conditioning or heater to keep the grooming room at the perfect temperature.
They are state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz mobile grooming vans, that have been custom-made for our special needs.

The pet grooming process usually takes from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.
However, this may vary depending on the size and breed of your pet, as well as the coat condition, hair length, or other factors that requires more work or attention.
Our customers reported saving between 1 to 4 hours by using a mobile pet grooming service instead of driving themselves to a salon to drop off and pickup their dog.

Some customers words :
– Samantha S.: “Using the closest mobile groomer near me saves me a lot of time! Fluffy Pet Wash comes to the rescue every time!”
– Martha B.: ”I didn’t know it was so easy and effective. My dog stays next to me all the time and I feel more reassured.”
– James Br. : “I save so much time by using Fluffy Pet Wash and my dog is always clean. They became friends now he recognizes the van haha.”

Yes, the Mobile Pet Wash always uses warm water to wash your pet.
Our vans hold a large clean water tank with a professional water heater.
We are able to choose the right water temperature to wash and rinse your pet.
Do not hesitate to give us detailed instructions about the water temperature you would like us to use.

Pets with long hair should be groomed more often than those with short-haired.
It depends on the breed of pet, but most pets should be groomed every 2-6 weeks.
It’s important to keep your pet groomed because ungroomed fur can become matted and tangled, which can lead to skin irritation and even infection.
In addition, regular grooming helps to keep your pet’s coat healthy and free of dirt, dander, and other allergens.

It’s also very important to bathe your pet regularly even if they don’t need to be groomed.
A weekly quick wash with a very gentle soap will help keep their coat clean and free of mats and debris.
Fluffy Pet Wash offers weekly appointments for this type of regular pet grooming in Las Vegas.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to bathing your pet.
Some people say that you should bathe them often, while others claim that frequent bathing will dry out their skin and coat.

The truth is any pet can be washed regularly if you use the right technique and the right products.
Most veterinarians recommend dogs be washed at least once a week with the right medicated shampoo.
That’s why it’s important to use a good pet shampoo like the ones used by Fluffy Pet Wash.
We use very mild, hypoallergenic and medicated shampoos and conditioners that are safe to be used once a week.

However, keep in mind that pets with very thin fur or skin condition may not need to be bathed as often.
It is important to follow your veterinarians’ instructions.

Our team of experienced groomers will go above and beyond to ensure that your pet looks and feels their best.
We love what we do, and we’ve been doing it for years, so you can rest assured knowing your pet will be in good hands.
We use the best mobile grooming vans, the best equipment, the best products because your furry friend deserves the very best.

Gentle with dogs: every dog needs to feel loved and protected.
The more friendly the groomer, the more confident the dog.

– Patient: Many pets can be nervous while getting groomed for the first time.
If they need some time to feel the room, the groomer we will give them some space and approach again with soft cuddles.

– Meticulous: a good groomer will showing great attention to details.
Every action needs to be careful and precise and anything unusual needs to be shared with the parents.

We can usually book your appointment within a few hours or a few days, depending on our groomer’s availability.
Same day bookings can also be accepted, depending on availability.
Please use our booking form to set up an appointment for the desired date of your mobile dog grooming.
We will accommodate your schedule the best we can for your future dog wash.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us